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석사학위 논문 : Shear Strength of Underconsolidated Clay (1987), Asian Institute of Technology, GT-87-20
박사학위 논문 : Stress-Strain Behaviour and Strength Characteristics of Lightly Overconsolidated Clays (1991), Asian Institute of Technology
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(Submitted to Soils and Foundations on September 2003. Under review)
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김승렬 (2013), 지하공간기술의 활용과 도시의 발전, 한국지반공학회 봄학술발표회, 초청강연, pp. 21-32
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Kim, S. R. (2015), Design and Construction Technology for the Creation of Underground Spaces in Urban Areas,
Keynote Lecture, SICAT2015, Singapore
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